B.Com With ACCA: Why it is the Right Decision

May 22, 2020
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In the last few years, graduate students with commerce as their core elective comprise 30% of the student population in our country. B. Com graduates can opt for further higher studies i.e., pursue a Master’s degree in any specialization of their choosing, be it accounts, finance, marketing & sales, HR. Their alternative is to take up a job. Having said this, their employability does decrease slightly, leaving these graduates with the prospect of not finding the right career that is suitable for their skills and talents. This can be avoided by opting B.Com with ACCA.

Today is the opportunity to build the tomorrow you want

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) was founded in 1904 and provides good career opportunities in the banking sector as well as multinational corporations (MNCs) in accounting and finance. With a lineage of over 100 years globally, there has been growing awareness about ACCA recently in India and students in India now pursuing ACCA with B.Com or after B.Com, BBA, etc,. Pursuing this qualification provides financial perspectives and good career growth to an individual with a mind for business and numbers. Career opportunities with the ACCA qualification extend not only to India but also around the world to the 186 countries in which it is recognized.

ACCA course provides an ample amount of opportunities in MNCs in India. In the banking sector as well, it is also recognized a course at par with Chartered Accountancy (CA) and career prospects would be similar to those in the accounting and finance arena.

With insights on the changing technology like artificial intelligence, robotics, etc., ACCA certificate helps accountants and finance professionals face the world of business as well as manage changing trends.

Pursue your B.Com with ACCA

Regardless of age, as long as one has a head for commerce and determination, one can take up the ACCA qualifications and pursue it with ease. The process is student-friendly, flexible enough to pursue ACCA along with a B.Com degree simultaneously. As the exams are held every quarter each year, students can complete the papers one by one. Even a working professional could choose this qualification to climb up the ladder in their professional career since it gives them an edge over other graduates.

While pursuing ACCA after B.Com / B.Com with ACCA course, a student is eligible for ACCA job opportunities while studying. On completion of 9 papers (learn more about ACCA Exams), they are awarded an Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Finance. An individual qualified by ACCA will be awarded additional certificates & degrees as add-ons and would get an ample amount of ACCA career opportunities across the world.

The ACCA institution enables students with the whole qualification process, from the entry to the exit of the candidate choose to pursue this ACCA qualification, to ACCA exam schedules and providing placements to these students.

Testimonials of success stories of a few students who pursued ACCA:

  • A student from a renowned university in Bangalore, “I decided to pursue ACCA as it provides an excellent foundation in the field of finance & accountancy. It will help boost my career in these fields. It provides excellent scope and job opportunities across numerous countries. I began studying ACCA while I was still in college and I completed the skills and professional level papers. At present, I have only 1 optional paper left to be completed.”
  • A former senior manager at American Express, a fellow ACCA since 2012 who is currently working with one of the big 4 companies, KPMG. He is a manager for its Accounting Advisory Services division in charge of recruiting, training and managing a team of accountants, as well as maintaining existing stakeholder relationships across a range of different industries. He is based in New Delhi, but he has also worked at the London, Dallas and San Francisco offices of KPMG. Prior to joining KPMG, he also worked with Grant Thornton in various countries such as the UK and Dubai.

ACCA is one of the fastest-growing accounting courses in the world; it is rapidly expanding its footprints in India and we’ve seen rapidly growing interest among students towards the ACCA course. As the best ACCA coaching institute in Bangalore & Mangalore, we provide proper guidance to help you clear ACCA while you’re simultaneously pursuing B.Com. Get in touch with us to learn more about pursuing ACCA with B.Com.

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