What is the Certified Banker program?

The Certification course for bankers is designed to provide new bankers with general knowledge of banking, bank security, and regulations that impact the banking industry. This certification encourages individuals to develop a strong professional image and high ethical standards for themselves in the Banking Industry.

This course covers the following skills required by a thorough Certified Banker:
  • Financial Analysis
  • Credit Evaluation & Documentation
  • Management & Business
  • Risk Management
  • Industry Analysis
Some of the common career paths individuals will gain from this banking certification course are:
  • Commercial Banking
  • Business Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Rating Agencies
  • Corporate Credit Analysis
  • Real Estate Lending
  • Risk Management
  • Treasury

Who should do a Certified Banker Course?

This course covers all the aspects of the banking industry and provides the required career path in the banking industry. Any individual looking for a long-term career in the banking industry then this is a definite course which should be taken up in their professional journey.

Some of the companies in which individuals who have completed this course work are Blockrock, HSBC, Bank of America, etc.

Course Duration

The course offered is valid for a lifetime and provides complete flexibility for the learner to carry out the course in a self-learning mode. However, the average time taken for people to complete the banking certification is a period of 6 months.

Course Certification

This course is provided by the Corporate Finance Institute, Canada and is recognized internationally across organizations, and provides the required skills and knowledge for application in the field of corporate financial modeling and valuation.

Course Fees

All our students will be able to get this online and physical banking course at lower fee rates, for enrolment of the course click our course details mentioned on the side panel to register immediately.

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