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Education is an essential part of human race since the very beginning, but the education that fails to provide job opportunities and status is useless and simply wastage of resources. It is strange that a few parents and students have made proper analysis of job opportunities before joining a particular course. For example, if you go for a job after completing the degree, you will not be able to get the proper job in the market because you will have the theoretical knowledge about the subjects particularly accounts and audit. CFO NeXt provides a unique course of B.com Plus ACCA in the field of commerce that is much more valuable than any other course. What B.com cannot do alone is what B.com +ACCA can do to find you the right career in Accounting in Finance across the Globe

What Can ACCA do to Graduates?

  • It makes you more employable
  • It makes you an internationally qualified professional
  • It gives you practical knowledge
  • It imparts knowledge and skill for a complete finance professional.

Overall, ACCA hones your skills and makes you fit for the job market.

Benefits to the students for ACCA after Graduation

The full time graduate student can complete ACCA qualification with CFO NeXt Across India and also get opportunity to get upto 4 papers exemptions out of total 13 papers, which means they have to sit for only 9 papers of ACCA with Subsidized Registration and Exemption fee with CFO NeXt, these fees are lower than the normal fees paid to ACCA directly.

Program Structure

How ACCA works for Graduates

Knowledge Module
  • AB Accountant in Business ( Exempted )
  • MA Management Accounting ( Exempted )
  • FA Financial Accounting ( Exempted )
Skill Module
  • CL Corporate and Business Law ( Exempted )
  • Performance Management
  • TX Taxation
  • FR Financial Reporting
  • AA Audit & Assurance
  • FM Financial Management
Professional Module
  • Strategic Business Leader
  • Strategic Business Reporting

Choose any 2 papers from following 4 papers

  • AFM Advanced Financial Management
  • APM Advanced Performance Management
  • ATX Advanced Taxation
  • AAA Advanced Audit & Assurance (UK or International)
  • Full-time student can finish in 1.5 years
  • Working student may finish in 2.5 years

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