Why Choose ACCA Qualification: The Recession-Proof Career

September 8, 2022
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August 25, 2022
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September 8, 2022
ACCA stands for Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, a leading international accounting body. The ACCA qualification is widely recognized as prestigious among finance and accounting courses.

Top 11 reasons to choose ACCA qualification:

There are several reasons to choose an ACCA profession. We'll go through some of the important reasons you should choose ACCA.
  1. Learn international standards
The ACCA qualification will help you learn international accounting and auditing standards. This makes it easy and convenient for you to look for a job outside the country. You can work in any nation that accepts these accounting standards.
  1. Huge demand for ACCA professionals
ACCA professionals are in growing demand in organizations as they are trained in the skills to evaluate existing business practices and come up with effective solutions for improvement. Adding an accreditation like ACCA to your CV will certainly improve your career prospects.
  1. Better career prospects
The main importance is that ACCA has approved over 8,500 employers to improve their career prospects in this field. Partner organizations offer exciting opportunities to ACCA members and students. ACCA also wants to work with these partner members to improve career opportunities for their members once they qualify.
  1. A comprehensive qualification
The study material for the ACCA qualification includes topics such as financial management, taxation, law, business management, professional ethics, management accounting, auditing, etc. It is clear that the curriculum covers a wide range of topics that will enable you to work in a variety of jobs.
  1. Build a better career
Building a Better career is one of the reasons to study ACCA. It works with business leaders around the world to ensure that qualifications help you develop the skills, mindsets, and attitudes required in the workplace and add the highest value to the business in which you operate. In short, ACCA is a prestigious qualification that is very attractive to employers.
For you, this means that gaining an ACCA can enhance your CV and expand the career development opportunities you want now and throughout your career. If you want to achieve advanced strategic leadership, you must have an ACCA qualification.
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  1. Comprehensiveness
Taxation, law, auditing, professional, business research, ethical concerns, financial reporting, financial management, and management accounting are all included in the ACCA curriculum. The aim of this qualification is to provide students with a diverse set of skills and competencies. An ACCA qualification can help you master the technical and administrative skills required by an accountant. The two main languages of business are accounting and finance. Students can also learn the finance function and finance and management accounting systems with various finance courses.
The ACCA qualification aims to ensure that members acquire all the skills and abilities they need to work in a variety of organizations and roles.
  1. Flexible for employees
Flexible for employees is one of the reasons because, after registering with ACCA, you will be able to sit the exam for another ten years. If you don't want to take the exam at once, you can skip it and review it later. The ACCA qualification is therefore highly adaptable for both students and staff.
Now imagine you have passed ACCA; starting a business is very exciting, especially when you focus on innovative ideas in your field of interest. However, some aspects of corporate governance are complex and not very interesting. Corporate finance is one of them. However, the excellent news is that several online professional finance courses and tools can help you become an expert.
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  1. Work anywhere in the world
The ACCA qualification is established worldwide. So, if you pass the exam, you are free to work anywhere in the world. ACCA is widely recognized by major international organizations such as the World Bank and the United Nations. Additionally, accounting institutes have solid connections to both domestic and international educational institutions.
  1. Cost-effectiveness
An ACCA qualification is a very economical way to gain knowledge and expertise. Members gain not just technical accounting and financial knowledge, but also crucial organizational and strategic management abilities. The combination of technical and managerial skills improves the career prospects of members.
  1. Continued professional development
All ACCA members' life must be spent improving their professional abilities. It will keep the knowledge and skills of ACCA members up to date. They must constantly learn to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. It enables ACCA members to work in a volatile and rapidly changing environment.
  1. If you stop halfway, the ACCA is still worth it.
ACCA wants all students to go on to sit the exam and gain full credentials, but also recognizes that this can sometimes hold them back in life. As a result, they added fundamental requirements to the procedure. ACCA isn't all or nothing. Even if you're a first-time pass, ACCA is still worth it because you still have a degree that supports your professional development.
If you are fully qualified, this is an ideal choice, and you are a Chartered Accountant and ACCA member. However, even if you have passed all the exams but not the other duties, you are still an ACCA Assistant. In addition, after passing the first two levels of the exam, you will receive a master's degree in accounting and economics: modules Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills and Ethics and Professional Skills.
ACCA is excellent because you can start now. However, if you change your mind or change your situation in the future, you won't waste time.


Above are the main reasons for you to study ACCA. If you are eager to put in the work, make concrete sacrifices and survive the occasional tough time, ACCA is worth it. You may face some setbacks, but you will learn from your mistakes and work hard. Moreover, it will give you huge benefits like a global career and higher returns. However, if you're not sure about your workload, think you'll be able to pass the exam, or if you're not sure you want the exam, ACCA may not be right for you.

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