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June 24, 2022
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Blockchain in Fintech
June 17, 2022
July 1, 2022
Doing BBA along with CMA a good option because, India is presently passing a tremendous product smash. It’s not just the Start-ups that are cropping up left, right, and center; but also, colorful Multi-National Companies that are setting up shop in our country, which is viewed as the land of openings and a fiscal superpower in the timber.
Yes, doing business in India has come easier in the last decade, and that has only encouraged the establishment of new gambles.
Now, such an increase in the number of business gambles will naturally and appreciatively affect the job sector. These companies – both small and big – need an effective operation platoon. While new companies need them to take their business model to the coming position, other reputed enterprises need help to sustain gains and increase being growth.

Enter – graduates with a BBA degree. Long gone are the days of Engineering being the compulsive choice for undergraduate education. Operation studies have taken in a large knob of fresh advanced secondary pass-outs in recent times and the trend shows no signs of decelerating down anytime soon.


What's BBA with CMA?

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) has grown to be one of the most well-known undergraduate courses in recent times as the demand has risen extensively through all b- seminaries, and sodalities across India.
  • BBA is a 3- time business operation program that familiarizes the campaigners with all the fundamental principles needed to run a business association similar as marketing, deals, finance, mortal coffers, Information Technology, operation, and leadership chops
  • As the requests for BBA courses have increased, so have the added specializations. We offer a distinct add-on known as CMA integrated with the comprehensive BBA course.
  • Certified Management Accounting (CMA) professional instrument that's grounded in the United States of America and offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) that exists in the field of operation, finance operation, and account.
  • The seeker with a CMA qualification is known in industry circles to have proven expertise in areas similar as control, analysis, fiscal planning, business decision timber, business ethics, and colorful other principles.
CMA is a largely competent and reputed qualification offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), which has over Certified Management Accountants spread across 100 countries. As getting a CMA instrument requires a bachelorette’s degree, we make effects easier for you by incorporating the CMA training as part of the BBA course. The CMA coursework will contemporaneously be communicated along with the BBA syllabus and will help campaigners prepare for the CMA examinations.

It should be noted that the CMA Instrument will be awarded by the IMA, which is an encyclopedically accepted instrument. We will go deeper into the course and test structure latterly on in the composition, for starters, let’s focus on the basics.


BBA with CMA Course Duration

BBA with CMA is a 3- time undergraduate course that is resolved into 6 semesters. The CMA training is a part of the regular BBA program, and its subjects are spread across the 6 terms. Each time contains 2 semesters, and the seeker is needed to clear all major subjects to be eligible for the coming time.

Some universities give outside of 5 times to clear all backlog subjects and complete the course.


BBA with CMA Eligibility Criteria

A seeker must have completed 10 + 2 from the honored board under any stream – Science, Arts, or Commerce

While a minimal cut-off has not been specified, campaigners should aim for high scores as the admission are done via merit.

Is doing a CMA along with BBA a good idea?

Pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification is an excellent idea for those looking to advance their career in business and finance. The BBA degree provides a comprehensive understanding of fundamental business principles such as accounting, economics, marketing, and management, while the CMA focuses on the specific skills needed to become a successful financial executive. This combination will give you the theoretical foundation and practical experience necessary to excel in the ever-evolving business world. Additionally, having both qualifications on your resume will demonstrate your commitment to the field and make you an attractive candidate for employers.

Benefits of BBA with CMA

BBA in Finance and Accounting (CMA Integrated) is a Programme that aims to integrate a bachelor's Course in Business Administration with the encyclopedically honored certification offered by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA), division of the Institute of Management Accountants, USA. On successful completion of the program, scholars will be awarded the BBA degree in Finance and Accounts. CMA certification will be awarded by ICMA on fulfilment of educational demand and professional demand. This unique Programme is designed to familiarize scholars with the operation account decision-making processes of Indian and Global companies, International and Indian Accounting norms, and working of Indian and Global fiscal requests.

The class of the Program creates capability in functional and general operation courses and prepares scholars for rigorous CMA instrument which tests scholars on knowledge of fiscal planning, analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics.


Benefits of CMA integrated BBA Finance & Accounts

    • The scholars have access to sanctioned course accoutrements like Vids, MCQs, evaluation factors, practice tests, and 100 content of IMA Learning Outcome Statements, Test Bank of MCQs that mimic the factual test, and Free Review Course updates until you pass from Wiley CMA excel online learning platform, the sanctioned academic mates of IMA USA for CMA.
    • Training by IMA USA certified professional and educated coaches for the three courses of Cost and Operation Account, Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance and Control, and Fiscal Decision Making which are also the three professional test courses for the CMA instrument.
    • Guest lectures, Assiduity commerce, forums, mentoring by CMA honored assiduity professionals and Placement backing with top MNCs across India.
    • Up to 50 concessions in test and class freights of CMA.

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