31 October 2020

    4 weeks, 8 live online
    sessions (2 hours each)
    6-8 hours per week

    with Joe Peppard
    Professor, ESMT Berlin

    USD 1,900

Enrol for Strategy & Digital Transformation

No organization, it seems, is immune to the realities in which business models, value propositions, customer experiences, products, services, organizational processes, and management practices have been, or are being, transformed by technologies such as social media, mobile, analytics, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

It is therefore paramount that all organizations have a strategy that clearly maps out how the organization plans to leverage digital technologies and the business outcomes that it is seeking. Executing this strategy requires building the necessary organizational capabilities and achieving the required organizational transformation. However, research reveals that this is incredibly difficult to achieve.

Business leaders play a pivotal role in determining whether or not their organizations exploit the innovative opportunities provided by technology. In particular, realizing value from digital requires the leadership team’s attention and oversight. They set the tone for digital, and their active participation determines whether their organization optimizes a return from spending on technology. Many don’t seem to understand this, or quite know what they should do.

Joe Peppard

Professor, ESMT Berlin
Principal Research Scientist, MIT

Professor Joe Peppard is an expert in business education with an international reputation. Besides being a faculty member of one of the best business schools in Europe, he also is a Principal Research Scientist at Sloan School of Management at MIT. At ESMT, Professor Peppard is responsible for designing, directing, and teaching executive education programs on digital leadership for customers such as ThyssenKrupp, Bosch, E.ON, and Munich-Re. He also teaches at ESMT’s MBA programs and some open enrollment programs. Prof. Peppard is a distinguished writer who has written dozens of books and academic articles on IT leadership, digital strategy and innovation, and other topics.

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1Can I sign up for only those sessions that I am most interested in?
No, you cannot. The online program should be completed in its entirety to get the most comprehensive understanding of digital transformation processes.
2How will the learning process be organized during the program?
Over the four weeks, the class will meet online every week for two 120-minute interactive live sessions. All sessions will have some pre-work preparation, usually a case study, as well as some articles or working papers to be read on the conclusion of the session. Please note that it is imperative that any pre-session preparation work is undertaken. In most instances, there is no need to write any response other than perhaps some short notes that you can draw on in class.
3How can I be sure that I will benefit from the program?
You will definitely benefit If you need to find new ways to successfully face dramatic changes and increasing competition in your industry, and become a market leader. Moreover, even if your current position in your organization does not include exposure to digital processes, you still benefit by developing advanced skills in leading digital transformation, which will eventually happen to all the companies.
4How is this program different from other courses on digital transformation?
You will participate in highly interactive live online sessions, where you will get an opportunity to discuss digital transformation with the expert and fellow participants in real time.
5Is there any application fee for admission?
No, the admission process is free of charge.
6How can I pay for the program if admitted?
If admitted, you will receive an invoice with payment details. You can pan either by an international Credit or Debit card or a bank wire. Please note that payment is required to secure your place at the program prior to the start date.
7Can I get financial aid to participate in the program?
Yes, we offer a limited number of scholarships for some categories of participants. If you want to learn more about scholarships and find out whether you are eligible, please contact us at financialaid@coursalytics.com.
8What documents do I need to submit to apply?
When applying, you will be asked to submit digital copies of the following documents:
1. Recent photo
2. Passport (ID page)
3. CV or link to a recently updated LinkedIn profile
4. Short motivation statement
9How long will the Admissions Committee take to review my application?
Once your application is received, it will take upto 5 working days for the Admissions Committee to decide if you are shortlisted for an interview with the Program Director. After the interviews are complete, the final selection process will take another 2-3 working days.
10How many years of professional experience should I have to apply to the program?
You should have at least 3 years of working experience in a managerial role.
11Is there any English language proficiency requirement to participate in the program?
Although you will not be asked to submit results of any English language proficiency tests, all program sessions and materials will be in English. Therefore, we require that participants be able to communicate fluently.
12How many applicants will be invited to join the program?
Due to a highly interactive, live online format, the number of participants is restricted to 50 at max.
13Will seminar recordings be available after classes?
Yes, all recordings and learning materials will be available to you through the program’s LMS for 6 months after live sessions.
14In what form will I get the certificate?
You will receive a digital copy of the certificate after you complete the program. You will have an option to order a physical certificate which will be mailed to you.