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What is the US CMA Exam pattern?

CMA curriculum consists of 2 parts, and each consists of 100 multiple choice questions and has two 30-minute essay questions. You will first have 3 hours to complete the multiple-choice section and one hour to complete the essays papers according to the CMA exam pattern. The essays will be shown to you after you have completed the multiple-choice section of the exam or after 3 hours, whichever comes first.

Once you complete and exit the multiple-choice section of the exam, you cannot go back. The essay section consists of 8-10 written response or calculation questions based on two scenarios, describing a typical business situation. You must answer at least 50% of the multiple-choice questions correctly to be eligible to take the essay section.

When can I take the CMA Exam?

The CMA exam is available during the following schedule:

  • January and February
  • May and June
  • September and October

To have your choice of date, time and location it is best that you schedule your appointment at least four weeks in advance. Once you are registered, you must take the exam part during your assigned testing session and in case for whatever reason you are unable to give your exam within that particular period, you will have to pay another registration fees as appointments cannot be rescheduled.

How to register for the CMA exams?

With three testing windows every year you can sit for the exam at any time or place that is feasible for you. The CMA exam is basically a computer-based exam and is administered at hundreds of Prometric testing centers all over the world.

  • Testing windows are offered in January/February, May/June, and September/October. You have to pick your window.
  • You then have to register for the exam on the IMA website
  • You will receive your Authorization number along with further instructions.
  • Schedule your exam appointment with Prometric

Will I have to take both the parts exams together or in a sequential order?

No, you can actually take these parts in any order. Most of the candidates choose to take the exam parts on separate days although you can even take both the parts together on the same day.

What is the passing score for the CMA Exam?

The minimum passing score for the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) Examination is 360 for both parts of the exam. The exam score range is 0-500.

What is the CMA retake policy?

Any part of the US CMA exam can be taken once in a testing window and retakes need a new registration along with fee payments. You can actually sit for as many testing windows do you need in your three-year period but an exam part can be taken only once in a window. All retakes require a new exam registration, along with payment of appropriate fees: $415 for professionals, $311 for Students/Academic members.

What is the validity of the exam part?

The US CMA aspirants have three years to take both parts of the CMA exam. If you do not complete both the US CMA parts, you have to retake them.

How do I pass the US CMA?

Always trust your preparation, wake up early and ensure you devote daily 3-4 hours for your preparation, the CMA USA Course is lesser in duration and thus take less time to complete, with proper planning, and focus – you shall easily pass the exams in first attempt – Know our success mantra to clear CMA exam.

What is the duration of the exam?

  • There are two parts in the CMA exam syllabus. Each part is 3 hours long for 100 multiple choice questions, representing 75% of the exam score. The second section is essay writing representing the remaining 25%. You will be given 30 minutes for each of the two essays. The total testing duration is 4 hours.
  • You must pass at least 50% of the first (i.e. multiple choice) section in order to advance to the essay questions. You can use any time remaining from the multiple-choice questions towards the essay portion.
  • The exam is held with three examination windows in a year namely Jan & Feb/May & June/ Sept & Oct
  • The total marks per paper are 500, and minimum passing is 362 marks and minimum 75%.

Where are the CMA exam centers located in India?

Exams are administered through the worldwide network of Prometric Testing Centers and are available in accordance with local customs. There are many locations in India and throughout the U.S. and internationally.

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