ACCA vs CS: Which Course Has a Better Scope?

November 18, 2022
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November 24, 2022
As youngsters, we all thought that crunching numbers and dealing as an accountant was a profession ideal for nerds. But now the planet is evolving at a quick pace so is the finance and accounting profession. Today, we've distinguished accounting courses that provide not only exciting challenges but also global opportunities. Two of those appearing professions are Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and Company Secretary. If you've got heard about these courses and aren't sure which one to choose ACCA vs CS based on your course length, difficulty level, scope, and salary, then we are visiting to make it simple for you with some common differences.

What is ACCA?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) may be a UK-based accountancy course recognized worldwide. ACCA is accepted in over 180 countries, and you'll become an accountant in six months to 2 years, counting on the exemptions you receive and the way quickly you learn and pass the exams.
ACCA provides its candidates with expertise in various accounting concepts, including financial reporting, taxation, strategic business reporting, auditing, etc. Students will equip themselves with these concepts with a worldwide perspective and acquire skills to figure globally.

What is CS?

Company Secretary or CS may be a comprehensive accounting course. The role of the corporate secretary is to act as a liaison between all stakeholders within the company, including government bodies, stakeholders, and therefore the company's board of directors. CS is an India-based course; it takes 2-3 years to become a corporate secretary. After becoming a CS, you become knowledgeable with knowledge within the legal, accounting, and financial sectors.

Aspects of ACCA

Organizing body
ACCA's organizing body is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Body, UK.
ACCA Levels
The ACCA course has three levels.
  1. Applied Knowledge Level
  2. Applied Skills Level
  3. Professional Level
Course Duration
It can take 2-3 years.
Available Exemptions
The ACCA exemptions allow you to get up to nine after you complete your Chartered Accountancy course, meaning you’ll only need to give four exams.
The eligibility criteria of ACCA include:
  • You must pass your 12th exams with 65% aggregation in English, Accounts/Maths.
  • You must have passed your 12th exam in at least 50% of the remaining subjects.
Average Passing Percentage
ACCA’s difficulty level is modest, and therefore the passing percentage is 30%-40% on average.
Job Profiles
After completing ACCA job opportunities including:
  1. Finance Manager
  2. Financial Accountant
  3. Corporate Treasurer
  4. Management Accountant
  5. Financial Controller
Average Salary
The basic salary of ACCA professionals ranges between 7 LPA to 18 LPA.
Global Recognition
ACCA is recognized in over 180 countries worldwide.

Aspects of CS

Organizing Body
CS’s organizing body is the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.
Course Levels
The Company Secretary course has three levels.
  1. Foundation Course (This level is for undergraduates only).
  2. Execution Program
  3. Professional Program
Course Duration
The duration to finish CS is 2-3 years.
Available Exemptions
Candidates who have completed a cost accounting course may be exempted from the CS core course.
Eligibility Criteria
The eligibility criteria for CS are as follows:
  • If you are entering through the basic (Foundation) level, you must have passed your 12th exam.
  • You must have completed Foundation Level or Graduation/CSEET to enter through Executive Level.
Average Passing Percentage
The difficulty level of CS is high hence, the pass percentage is 10%-40% on average.
Job Profiles
After completing CS, you can consider many job profiles, including:
  1. Legal Advisor
  2. Company Registrar
  3. Tax Management Officer
  4. Corporate Policymaker
  5. Principal Secretary
  6. Chief Administrative Officer
  7. Corporate Planner
Average Salary
Compare to ACCA the average salary of a CS professional ranges between 6-10 LPA less then ACCA.
Global Recognition
CS is recognized in many countries, including Hong Kong, the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

Why does one have to Pursue ACCA?

More Job Opportunities
Compare to CS demand for ACCA professionals has increased in companies worldwide because the financial industry features a growing need for individuals with top theoretical and practical skills such as ACCA. A Chartered Certified Accountant is given a set of skills that allow one to evaluate the current financial situation of a business and create effective plans for significant improvement.
Impressive Salary Package
Qualifying as an ACCA professional will significantly increase your earning potential. The USA is one of the top-paying countries for ACCA professionals. For US ACCA jobs, the essential professional salary is around $11,500 and thus the top salary for experienced professionals is around $154,500.
On average, ACCA professionals earn $81,000 within the US. Your salary will vary relying on your job profile.
Comprehensive qualifications for better job prospects
The ACCA study material covers various topics related to the business industry, including taxation, financial management, auditing, professional ethics, law, management accounting, etc. Equipped with a plethora of skills, ACCA professionals are empowered to work in a variety of job role areas.
The simplest and most professional ACCA Course For You
Their team of qualified and experienced teachers will ensure you become an ACCA-qualified professional in no time and be ready to rule the financial world from day one.

Why Should You Pursue CS?

Growing demand in the corporate market
The demand for company secretaries is increasing rapidly day by day. This is because the CS job role is highly valuable to the company as the company secretary has to serve and manage the internal affairs of the corporate industry. Company secretaries play a vital role in the smooth and lawful functioning of a company, which means that every company requires a company secretary to manage various important aspects of its business.
Senior Job Profiles
The role and position of CS in society are impressively high. Company secretaries are respected professionals who advise the company's board of directors in making important company decisions. CS participates in all decisions and negotiations of the company. The opinion of the company secretary is highly valued, and he is also responsible for making decisions about acquiring or selling shares.
More Lucrative Career
You will have a highly lucrative career as a CS professional. CS professionals earn an average of 8-12 LPA at entry level and the packages increase with different job profiles and as your experience level increases. Furthermore, CS professionals are valued, respected, and highly sought after in the corporate market.

ACCA vs CS - Which Course is Better and Tough?

ACCA and Company Secretary, both professions have a better scope. However, if you consider the global recognition and salary offers you can get all over the world, ACCA is the better. Compare to both courses CS is tough because ACCA deals with accounting and global challenges related to the field of accounting. CS on the other hand has a mix of financial, accounting, and legal concepts.
The demand for both these professions is extremely high as every company today requires ACCA or CS to manage their finances, international transactions, and cash flows.
If you want to study ACCA, you should enroll in CFO Next's ACCA course to be instructed by experienced mentors who will guarantee that you become a competent professional with an exceptional skill set.

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